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Feel free to check out some more of my art!
Hey, all! I've decided to make some changes to my commissions, as well as their prices! 

First of all, I've removed several commission options, such as lineart, digital sketches, and drawings without shading. Since I've had very few (if any) commissions of these kind ordered, as well as the fact that I really don't think they're that interesting, I've decided to stop offering them. However, don't worry, there are still a range of options in order to, hopefully, allow people to be able to afford my art in one way or another! ALSO! I have added traditionally-colored drawings to the options, since I've been working on my traditional skills lately (though I haven't posted much to dA for fear of spamming you guys). I think I'm improving quite a bit and would like to show you all what I'm capable of. There're also slightly more affordable, since I don't believe them to be up to snuff in terms of quality with my digital drawings yet. ^^; Speaking of affording things...

...I've changed my prices! For one, I have now made the dA points and USD prices equivalent (keep in mind that 80:points:=$1), since I felt that my point prices were much too low, and this his been brought up to me by several people. I've also lowered the USD prices of some of my items, since I think that they were a bit extreme if I want to get more than one PayPal commission a year. :XD: My hope is that these will be more reasonable for you guys, while still providing me with enough profit for my work to make it worthwhile! 

Things I WILL Draw:
Bullet; GreenIrkens
Bullet; GreenVortians
Bullet; GreenAny IZ species
Bullet; GreenIZ canon characters (as long as they're not OOC)
Bullet; GreenOCxOC pairings
Bullet; GreenOCsxCanon (romantic, friendship, enemies, etc)
Bullet; GreenViolence/gore
Bullet; GreenHumans. However, keep in mind that they will not look as good as my Irkens/Vortians/etc, as they're not what I typically draw,

Things I WILL NOT Draw:

Bullet; RedSmut/porn/sexually explicit images
Bullet; RedAny kind of animal (I'm just not able to)
Bullet; RedHate-art
Bullet; RedAnything else. I really just don't have the skill to.

Things to Keep in Mind:
Bullet; GreenI am an 18 year old college student with a very hectic summer schedule of looking for a job, applying to different colleges with hopes of transferring, trying to pass my road test, and other chores around the house. You're likely going to have to be patient with your commission. Please respect this and be polite. Otherwise, I will send you your points/money back and no longer work on your commission.
Bullet; GreenI do not have a job. Although I am looking for one, it's very difficult as I come from a tiny town with no way of commuting. This is my one source of income. Do not try to bargain with my on my prices, either in points or in PayPal. They are not going to change, unless I offer a sale. 
Bullet; GreenWhile I apologize if I do something incorrectly in the commission, whether it be some detail of your OC or something else, it depends on the severity of the issue itself as to whether or not I'll be able to fix it.
Bullet; GreenI'm really, really unable of drawing anything besides Invader ZIM characters, both OCs and canon. I'm pretty good with Irkens and Vortians, and I'm willing to try to do original species, but I wouldn't feel right taking money or points from anyone if they were to ask me to draw people, animals, or anything else. I really have a lacking skill-set, and I want to make sure that everyone knows why I might have to turn down some commissions. Sweating a little...

Bullet; PurpleTraditional sketches- 120Points OR $1.50 USD
-Each additional character is 80Points or $1 USD
-If you would like a background, please add 40Points or $0.50 USD
Comm: Hard at Work by LiquidLeoIZ Community Appreciation Project by LiquidLeo

:bulletpurple:Traditional drawings (fully colored)- 240:points: OR $3 USD
-Each additional character is 120:points: or $1.50 USD
-If you would like a background, please add 60:points: or $0.75 USD
13102888 1593836327574069 5316725617550298553 N by LiquidLeo13124678 1597713690519666 8057909268287914786 N by LiquidLeo

:bulletpurple:Digital drawings (fully colored)- 400:points: OR $5 USD
-Each additional character is 160:points: or $2 USD
-I'm not capable of creating backgrounds that I'm comfortable charging extra for, since mine are so bad. Your drawing will automatically come with a simple shape background like the ones seen below.
GA: Peeb by LiquidLeoNew ID: I Have Returned! by LiquidLeo

:bulletpurple:Custom adoptables- 640:points: OR $8 USD
-Everything is customizable! Be as detailed as possible, please, to ensure that you get the result that you intended!
Comm: Custom Adoptable for InsaneMonkey46 by LiquidLeo

If you're interested in purchasing a commission, please let me know below! Any money I make through PayPal is still going towards my trip to Florida this summer. Thank you, everyone! :)

Deuces. :peace:



Again, sorry for lack of activity, all. Nothing has been working out for me lately.

My keyboard on my laptop is fried, so it's basically unusable for posting journals or statuses or doing homework because I have to use the on-screen keyboard to type and it takes five years to type two sentences. 

I've been swamped with homework and studying for test.

And on top of all of it, I'm feeling rather depressed. I have for quite a while now, but the fact that I have to motivation to do anything /because/ of the depression is making me even more crappy feeling. I'm going to counselling on the 4th, but I really don't think it's for me or that it's gunna help at all.

I hope to be back to being active here very soon. Thank you for being patient with me. <3
Might make speedpaints for the two commissions I have to do???
Sorry for the delay on everything, guys. This college is taking quite a bit of adjustment and I'm kinda' swamped and stressed right now.
Reminder that I make custom IZ adoptables! I can do Irkens, Vortians, or any other IZ species. They're 640:points: or $8 via PayPal. I'm really in the mood to design some characters, so get ahold of me if you're interested!
When Photoshop decides to rebel against you on the one day that you're actually motivated to work on things. 

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